Freehold and leasehold disadvantages

Although the whole business of renting a house is beneficiary to both freeholder and leaseholder there are many disadvantages and many troubles they can face such as the ground rent scandal. Leasing a property has much more advantages for the landlord since he/she is the one that's holding interests and having a fixed income in addition to his other incomes. Owning a house is a lifetime guarantee that even if you get broke you will always have a backup plan. When you are a leasehold, however, you are going to face more disadvantages that the landlord or the freeholder. with learning the legal matter of renting a property and with asking other people's experiences you can totally prevent any inconvenience. if you sign an unfair contract you will have many troubles trying to fix that as you may not be able to get out of the contract.

Disadvantages of leasehold

The landlord can terminate the contract almost whenever he/she wants

Rent issues

landlord leaves a burden on your shoulder about the repairments and maintenance of the property

When you want to renew your contract the landlord may not agree so you have to move

Restrictions on what you can and can not do with the property

Disadvantages of freehold

You are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the whole building

Facing difficulties when you want to move to another country

The value of the house may not increase


Long-term financial commitment

Renting or owning a property have many advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages that a leaseholder is facing recently is the ground rent scandal. You have to make sure to not have any issues later on in the future of your leasehold as well as in the beginning. Both leaseholder and freeholder have to get advice from an expert if they do not have enough experience or knowledge on how to make a contract that is beneficiary to everyone.